Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Align plans with strategy and operations to maximize results and drive accuracy and accountability. Leverage financial analytics and financial reporting to gain insight and make confident decisions.


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Build resilience with our agile FP&A software

Model scenarios quickly to help your business to navigate the unexpected in every economic condition, improve business decisions and performance with agile planning solutions from CpaBooks.

  • Planning, analysis, budgeting, and prediction in one solution

  • Embedded business intelligence and predictive analytics

  • Integration with CpaBooks
  • Flexible, advanced user-defined business modeling

  • Granular profitability and cost analysis

  • Real-time simulations and insights

  • Manage, govern, and improve finance processes

Enable new functionality to be adopted quickly with confidence

  • Embedded AI, analytics, and intelligent process automation
  • In-memory database and simplified data model
  • Capabilities and best practices for a wide range of industries
  • Consumer-grade UX and personalized insights at your fingertips

Build resilience with our agile FP&A software

Manage supplier lifecycle and risks better with comprehensive tools to help you achieve greater supply chain transparency and improve people’s lives.

  • CpaBooks Analytics Cloud
  • CpaBooks Profitability and Performance Management
CpaBooks Analytics Cloud

Risk due diligence

Assess risk exposure by performing risk due diligence on targeted suppliers in your supply base.

Proactive risk monitoring

Receive personalized risk alerts while monitoring regulatory, legal, financial, environmental, social, and operational risks.

Collaborative risk disposition

Mitigate risk by using issue management and action plans and collaborating with your team on risk disposition workflow actions.

Brand reputation protection

Keep buyers abreast of risk exposure so their purchasing decisions do not result in damage to your revenue or reputation.

CpaBooks Profitability and Performance Management

Focused profitability and performance strategies

Build, test, and extend financial models quickly with an intuitive user interface that handles any level of complexity and granularity.

Gain transparency, traceability and quick access to insights

In-memory computing allows you to run calculations on huge data sets from any model, with full data and configuration traceability.

Powerful connections to enterprise systems and data

Optimize SAP systems, solutions, and data with deep, seamless integration – without replication and redundancy.

Powering industry transformation

CpaBooks Cloud can help you establish consistent leadership for the top line, bottom line, and green line – with a complete cloud ERP system.

Achieve agility in planning and execution

Explore what makes organizations highly adaptable when responding to extraordinary circumstances and how to anticipate change with contingency and scenario planning.

Scenario planning built with predictive analytics

Learn about cutting-edge technologies, like predictive analytics, and the path to equipping your organization to be more agile, data-driven, and resilient.

How the office of finance drives digital resiliency

See why modern CFOs want ownership of the tools and technologies that enable them to do their jobs, without being dependent on IT for access and enablement.