Invoice and Payment Management

Automate your payables processes to turn your invoices into strategic assets and bolster working capital management results.


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Support growth and strengthen trading partner relationships

Gain visibility into accounts payable, improve supplier relationships, and quicken ROI with invoice and payment management solutions from SAP.

Invoice management

  • Automated invoice processing
  • Cloud-based invoice workflow
  • Preconfigured templates
  • Financial reporting
  • Invoice monitoring

Discount management

  • Dynamic discounting
  • Payment terms management
  • Self-service supplier portal
  • Working capital management services

Product Overview

Eliminate exceptions and enforce compliance to unlock value trapped inside payables, optimizing cash and earning healthier returns simultaneously.

  • CpaBooks Arabia Invoice Management
  • CpaBooks Arabia Discount Management
CpaBooks Arabia Invoice Management

Automated invoice processing

Receive, process, and pay your invoices digitally, including non-PO invoices and invoices for recurring and complex services.

Cloud-based invoice workflow

Use a workflow builder to build, test, and deploy new workflows, or modify rules by using drag-and-drop functionality.

Preconfigured templates

Manage approvals, apply cost codes, and resolve invoice exceptions using built-in workflows with best-practice templates.

Financial reporting

Create reports on accruals, processing cycles, and cash forecasting and track KPIs with your dashboard’s advanced analytics.

Invoice monitoring

View specific invoices and invoices-in-aggregate, and track them by supplier, cost center, commodity code, project, and more.

CpaBooks Arabia Discount Management

Dynamic discounting

Manage discounts on a sliding scale based on payment dates to better manage cash while supporting your suppliers’ cash flow.

Payment terms management

Control the amount of cash that’s applied to discount programs, as well as the desired hurdle rate and targeted suppliers.

Self-service supplier portal

Reduce telephone and e-mail inquiries by providing suppliers with full visibility into the status of scheduled payments.

Working capital management services

Work with experts to develop a strategy that balances discount income capture and cash flow improvement and drives adoption.

Implement payment capabilities with CpaBooks financial ecosystem partners

Manage supplier lifecycle and risks better with comprehensive tools to help you achieve greater supply chain transparency and improve people’s lives.

Explore partner offerings

Find partner offerings that can extend CpaBooks Arabia Invoice Management with facilitated payments to suppliers, virtual cards for paying suppliers, and cross-border payments that simplify paying foreign suppliers in local currencies.