Increase control of your projects

Control and analyse project costs

Create estimation easily

Compare your estimates to actuals

Keep all project key information

Get a clear full vision on your business

Set up your own KPls

Analyze your gross profit

Control receivables and payables

Forecast your cash assets

Optimize your stock

Be secure that any action can be made only if it was approved

Approval notifications: pop-up, email, mobile

Easy and flexible approval process designer

Mobile app for approvals


CpaBooks Contracting ERP is made for

Contracting Companies expanding to new fields & activities

Starting in a new field might be challenging enough, the need to change your systems at the same time makes it even harder. With our solution being versatile and customizable you can keep using CPA Books ERP to ensure business continuity and focus on the business transformation.

Contracting Companies use multiple software in their departments

Getting the full picture from multiple sources like Accounting, HR, procurement, project management, document sharing applications takes too much time? Our solution can help you to unite every department in a single connected environment.




Our solution gives the most benefits for Contracting companies, which run multiple projects at the same time by streamlining existing processes and removing communication gaps between sites and offices.

Contracting Companies looking to scale up their business

Regardless of horizontal or vertical scale-up, you are trying to do, or just restructuring, our solution helps to create a solid foundation for your business growth.

Streamline Your Business Processes with CpaBooks Contracting ERP Software

Project Costing

Upload BOQ for projects.

Project's profitability, expenses tracking and desired output extraction.

Material, labor costs and overheads allocation for projects.

Material budget setup and control.

Integration with contractor estimating software.

Accounting & VAT

Real-time project cash-flow monitoring.

Project P&L, cost and revenue structure, project estimates versus actuals analysis.

VAT report generated automatically as per UAE FTA's reporting standards.

PDC checks issue and tracking.

Profitability analysis for each project detailed to record/entry level.

Automated construction retention amount and timeline tracking.


Real-time reporting in contractor estimating software.

Comprehensive reporting tool with ability to customize reports as per your layouts.

Get information about current status of the company in one click.

Information available anytime, anywhere.

Approvals & Collaborations

Easy and flexible custom approval process designer.

Approvals for sales, procurement, HR, finance transactions.

Custom alerts and notifications (emails, popups).

Build-in messenger for transactions and projects for inter-company communication.

HR & Payroll

Daily Time cards record for each employee or excel/csv files processing in bulk to understand your labor costs.

Project-wise timesheet with automatic labor cost calculation.

Payroll calculation in compliance with the UAE Labor Law.

Payslips & WPS.


Procurement requisitions from sites.

Consolidated view of what was ordered, what is in transition, what was received in one screen.

Materials and inventory orders, purchase, transfer and consumption.

Material limits tracking and control.


Invoice creation based on % of project completion directly from the software.

Accounts receivable aging and control.

Construction estimating & quotations creation, revision and tracking of changes history.

Contractor estimating and progressive Invoicing.

Why CpaBooks Construction and Contracting ERP Software?

Fast access to reports and dashboards for management for timely decision making

A platform to streamline processes and employees collaboration

Increased efficiency of your employees by reducing manual data entry

Web-access from anywhere and anytime

Customized reports as per your layouts

Control over resources used on projects

The UAE Tax compliance

Data Security

What results our clients achieved with CpaBooks ERP