Supplier Management Software

Boost compliance and reduce risk with solutions that help you manage supplier information, lifecycle, and risk in one place.

Control lifecycle and risk in one place with CpaBooks supplier management solutions

Drive spend to preferred suppliers and reduce risk every step of the way, from supplier onboarding and qualification to segmentation and performance management.

Product Overview

Manage supplier lifecycle and risks better with comprehensive tools to help you achieve greater supply chain transparency and improve people’s lives.

  • CpaBooks Supplier Risk Assessment
  • CpaBooks Supplier Lifecycle and Performance
CpaBooks Supplier Risk Assessment

Risk due diligence

Assess risk exposure by performing risk due diligence on targeted suppliers in your supply base.

Proactive risk monitoring

Receive personalized risk alerts while monitoring regulatory, legal, financial, environmental, social, and operational risks.

Collaborative risk disposition

Mitigate risk by using issue management and action plans and collaborating with your team on risk disposition workflow actions.

Brand reputation protection

Keep buyers abreast of risk exposure so their purchasing decisions do not result in damage to your revenue or reputation.

CpaBooks Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

Accelerated supplier onboarding

Reduce cycle time when you automate supplier onboarding and qualification and integrate with other procurement processes.

Two-way sync with SAP ERP

Keep vendor data up to date and consistent with bidirectional synchronization between SAP ERP and SAP Ariba solutions.

Self-service for suppliers

Enjoy a high degree of confidence in supplier data by enabling suppliers to maintain their information through Ariba Network.

Integration with procurement apps

Maintain consistent supplier qualification and segmentation through integration with SAP Ariba Procurement solutions.

Matrix-based management

Customize supplier qualification and segmentation by category, location, and business unit using a flexible matrix tool.