Essential Business Services from SAP

Manage risk and support continuity during uncertain times to help your business get back to best.


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Mitigating risks and maintaining business continuity

The world is experiencing a human moment as people help each other combat the COVID-19 pandemic. CpaBooks is doing our part by helping our customers keep your operations going and get back to best.

Off-site service delivery framework

To help ensure business continuity, a comprehensive contingency plan is essential – especially in light of today’s events. Businesses must react as fast as possible to mitigate risks and prepare the organization for new implications on the horizon and potential scenarios to face them, as well as future opportunities. With the off-site service delivery framework, customers receive delivery and installation of CpaBooks services from an off-site location, rather than on-site.

Explore essential business services from CpaBooks

Considered critical during the global pandemic and beyond, essential business services from CpaBooks encompass a wide range of functions across the company with a focus on the front office, supply chain, back office, and essential operations.

Essential business services are delivered through the off-site service delivery framework and include all essential business areas, from marketing and supply chain logistics to finance and operations, to support your business in every step of the process. With these services, you can react fast and prepare your organization for new implications on the horizon.